ZyLAB Helps the FBI Process Evidence in Enron Investigation
Discover how ZyLAB technology was applied to enable the FBI investigators to quickly and accurately search 2 million pages of documents, 100 GBs of email (.PST) and 100 GB of electronic files that were reviewed as part of the Enron investigation.

ZyLAB Improves Contract Management and Compliance for Global Business
Discover how ZyLAB technology enables geographically-disperse legal teams properly file their contracts through a secure internet application, regularly check and control the status, manage information and ensure ongoing SOX compliance.

ZyLAB Delivers FDA-compliant DMS to Pharmaceutical Giant
Discover how ZyLAB technology was implemented in just 9 weeks to manage over 1 million documents, support 700 users, and comply with the FDA’s rigorous requirements for electronically stored information in the pharmaceutical industry.

ZyLAB Enables Comprehensive Document Management System
Discover how ZyLAB technology was integrated with a leading high-tech manufacturer’s SAP system in order to quickly organize and secure hundreds of thousands of complex documents, ensure that proper versions of documents are controlled and distributed properly, and foster compliance with regulatory guidelines.